Introductory to scuba dive bali in our bali diving program

Many people from our friends , family will ask so many question when they know that you have tried scuba diving. How does it feels? Were u affraid or may be freaking nervous before entering the water? Did you feel something different in your body? And so on.

Don’t be affraid or nervous, to break all the curiosity you can watch our video on our youtube channel of bali fun diving below, i am very sure after you watch the videos you will have your calendar check and starts to set the day off to diving in bali πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ you can check more and read more in Our website.

Yeah , we have the program or activities called introductory to scuba diving in bali, or try dive bali, discover scuba diving, all of them have the safety standards and protocols, before we go to the water or try for the first time how to breath underwater of course we will have everything delivered by our dive team or dive proffesional in our bali dive school. There will be some basic skills , practice in the pool or confined water, and it is a must who will be conduct the program is the qualified and certified instructor, our dive professional in bali is highly qualified with more than 10 years of logged dives and experienced to handle all the challange and yes they are all very passionate and super patient. They are very happy to bring you underwater and enjoy every landscape and beauty of bali’s underwater.

Bali diving is very popular here with us bali fun diving always offers the best service and guarantee that you will have the best experience ever when you have your diving holiday in bali. With the superior certificate of excellence in every year in trip advisor and five star points , what are you waiting for? 

We welcome you and very happy to  have you in our land bali and diving in bali with bali fun diving. 

For more info email us and you can check our facebook page and instagram @balifundiving for more latest update activities, we have special promotion offers booking thru and mention that you know us from our social media you will get discount 15% for diving in bali program. Instagram bali fun diving

Oh ya we have our youtube channel as well and enjoy the underwater of bali teaser at Bali Fun Diving Youtube Channel 


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