Bali’s Scuba Dive Course

Bali’s Scuba Dive Course with Bali Fun Diving.

Indonesia have the best of coral formation and beautiful underwater landscape,tropical water. One of the best dive destination is in Bali ,as here in Bali diving destination we have more than 20 bali dive site to enchant you while diving in bali also may be just to do snorkelling in bali.

Have you try for the first time to breath underwater and enjoy all the challenging feeling, but curious to try diving ? Especially diving in bali will make your first unforgettable dive experience. read more here Introductory dive bali

Bali diving have these beauty of the coral formation, crystal clear blue water, sunny days to enjoy at the sun deck and mostly divers will look for manta dive in bali. can you imagine that you can approach the manta ray in bali ? this gentle giant manta ray is awesome , elegance dancers.

Mostly non divers will ask , how can i join and try the scuba dive in bali with us for a daily dive trip and some non diver will ask for directly to take the scuba dive course in bali while they have their holiday in bali. Our suggestion is when you have your own decision and firm about it already and diving is for you , may be you already googled and find out about scuba diving in bali before your holiday in bali , and you were sure to take the dive course in bali or entry level scuba dive certification, just go with it. We have 3 – 4 days scuba dive course here in bali , start from the video and theory session to pool session and finally the open water session – diving. Or you can take the online scuba dive course before you come to bali , and finished all the segments then we can directly continue to the pool session in bali.

For you who feel confuse to take the scuba dive course in bali and have the short time holiday in bali , you may take the try scuba dive for the first time , or introductory to dive in bali , discover scuba dive bali, we have a daily dive trip basis, start from pick up time in the morning to the beautiful underwater dive site in bali which is suitable for beginner diver in tulamben dive site area, amed dive site area, padang bay dive site area. These Dive sites in bali also the best highlights and the best dive spot with a lots of tropical reef fishes, historical USAT Liberty Shipwreck, Artificial reef in amed bali, all of those are really interesting , and we guarantee that you will love it and after this fun dive trip you will take your scuba dive certification in bali or come back again to take scuba dive course in bali.

For more info about the scuba dive certification and try scuba dive in bali, you can read more and contact us for more package deal 😉 we will see you in Bali.

Fun Dive Trip in Bali

Scuba Dive Course in Bali

you can watch our videos here and choose all the dive site in bali before you come here.

all videos taken and edited by Bali Fun Diving Team of Videographer and Photographer

You Tube channel of Bali Fun Diving

Life is too short , enjoy it while you can !




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