Manta Ray in Bali – scuba dive with Bali Fun Diving


Photograph by VerlyVeeHuang

Sunny and bright days recently , good weather to dive in bali ,our favourite dive site the most is in Nusa Penida Island, located in the south of Bali.  55 minutes by speed boat to Manta Point – located in the south part of Nusa Penida Island , on the way there , you will see nice formation of cliffs and unique landscape.

The Underwater condition usually always have lots of particle made the visibility not as clear as in the other dive site in Nusa Penida, beside that the Surge is quiet strong sometimes depend on the swell on the surface. Once you descend everything uncomfortable feeling and seasickness sometime during the journey will get pay off after you see this majestic creatures underwater , and yes LIVE SHOW !

It is suitable for beginner scuba diver certified ,  for you to choose which dive site in Bali qualified for beginner divers. Once you descend all the way down , you will be very surprise, the peaceful feeling , graciousness to see this wonderful manta ray ,you can find easily and the chance to see them as always in all year round,  there is 1 big rock as their cleaning station for the small fishes eating their parasite in their body.

In the Mating Season , you can see more than 20 Manta Rays together and they swim around , beautifully and dancing , how nice is the show , make you don’t want to ascend soon. Diving in Bali offers you the most complete coral reefs and pelagic, tropical fishes and many more.

Bali fun diving offers a superior quality diving activities , courses and workshop. From the beginner level , scuba diving course , underwater photography workshop all in one package , with the best instructor team and dive professional, we have more than 13++ years of diving experienced in Bali. Small group and private attention , and we are very passionate about diving and adventure.


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