Best of Underwater Macro Photopgraph dive site , Seraya Secret Tulamben – Bali

Its been long time ago the famous and well known dive site for macro specialized photography, 5 minutes from tulamben. Seraya Secret along the beach of Seraya Village. These wonderful tiny little creatures live underwater, also well camouflaged animals in between the rocks,sandy bottom, even the soft coral lives in the huge area, healthy vulcanic sandy bottom.

Night dive and sunset dive is a must to try to dive in between that time. You have chance to see the different kind of species who come out at these time, and some rare of nocturnal animal.

Satisfaction and the excited feeling after you can see and capture them and their habits sometimes underwater , yes they are wonderful.

You will need a well trained guide and details in their eyes , and mostly experienced for the guide looking for this tiny little creatures.

Some of our divemaster in bali, they love to learn their habit and where this animals live, even knows this animals latin name or species and family name.

Short words you need a experienced macro spotter.

Photograph macro categories is easy to learn , and it is good for beginner who is just starting to learn underwater photograpy. The object most likely to be still and easy for learn how to focusing the object.

Have to be remember as well, even we are trying to photograph, we need to understand they are very fragile animals.

Limited to strobe light (flash) and don’t try to touch or move this cute little tiny objects.

Respect the Sea and their lives in there.

seraya secret – tulamben bali


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