Diving is a great sport and an eye-opening experience to the underwater world.

However, it’s still considered an extreme sport, which requires good safety knowledge.

The best insurance is getting certified and obtaining it from a good quality diving course.

Bali Scuba Diving Academy is one of division and partner in Bali fun Diving to focusing on sharing education, training, workshop, internship, with the team of experienced Instructor level and above. We are passionate about diving and adventure,nature. And we are committed to tradition of excellence on every aspect in here. Scuba dive for fun and quality , learn scuba diving course to be a qualified and certified scuba diver and of course in a safe manner.

Bali Fun Diving are prepared with certified and qualified instructors /  dive professional , with a bonus: their friendly and well educated ,passionate ,broadminded with their adventure and nature soul. Our dive professional / instructors have a minimal 5 years experience, guaranteeing educating the best qualifications for your future diving days. All of our dive professional will ensure you also have fun in preparing you to see the exotic underwater panorama with safety and the right techniques. We assure comfort for a concentrated ambiance. We have professionally equipped diving center with air-conditioned classrooms and pool. We organize our students to feel comfortable, when entrusting their diving education to us. We can also arrange classes based on our students request, being available for sessions at your appointed accommodation. Ready to get certified? Best offer: get certified on a safari to Bali dive sites. – Get more 1-on-1 time with your dive instructor – Dive straight into the beautiful underwater of Bali – Have more time at dive sites- Save travel time between dive sites – Save energy for more diving.- Get to know your instructors better along the tripCertification are from world acknowledged dive organizations, which are PADI and SSI.


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