Introductory to scuba dive bali in our bali diving program

Many people from our friends , family will ask so many question when they know that you have tried scuba diving. How does it feels? Were u affraid or may be freaking nervous before entering the water? Did you feel something different in your body? And so on.

Don’t be affraid or nervous, to break all the curiosity you can watch our video on our youtube channel of bali fun diving below, i am very sure after you watch the videos you will have your calendar check and starts to set the day off to diving in bali 😄😄 you can check more and read more in Our website.

Yeah , we have the program or activities called introductory to scuba diving in bali, or try dive bali, discover scuba diving, all of them have the safety standards and protocols, before we go to the water or try for the first time how to breath underwater of course we will have everything delivered by our dive team or dive proffesional in our bali dive school. There will be some basic skills , practice in the pool or confined water, and it is a must who will be conduct the program is the qualified and certified instructor, our dive professional in bali is highly qualified with more than 10 years of logged dives and experienced to handle all the challange and yes they are all very passionate and super patient. They are very happy to bring you underwater and enjoy every landscape and beauty of bali’s underwater.

Bali diving is very popular here with us bali fun diving always offers the best service and guarantee that you will have the best experience ever when you have your diving holiday in bali. With the superior certificate of excellence in every year in trip advisor and five star points , what are you waiting for? 

We welcome you and very happy to  have you in our land bali and diving in bali with bali fun diving. 

For more info email us and you can check our facebook page and instagram @balifundiving for more latest update activities, we have special promotion offers booking thru and mention that you know us from our social media you will get discount 15% for diving in bali program. Instagram bali fun diving

Oh ya we have our youtube channel as well and enjoy the underwater of bali teaser at Bali Fun Diving Youtube Channel 


Bali’s Scuba Dive Course

Bali’s Scuba Dive Course with Bali Fun Diving.

Indonesia have the best of coral formation and beautiful underwater landscape,tropical water. One of the best dive destination is in Bali ,as here in Bali diving destination we have more than 20 bali dive site to enchant you while diving in bali also may be just to do snorkelling in bali.

Have you try for the first time to breath underwater and enjoy all the challenging feeling, but curious to try diving ? Especially diving in bali will make your first unforgettable dive experience. read more here Introductory dive bali

Bali diving have these beauty of the coral formation, crystal clear blue water, sunny days to enjoy at the sun deck and mostly divers will look for manta dive in bali. can you imagine that you can approach the manta ray in bali ? this gentle giant manta ray is awesome , elegance dancers.

Mostly non divers will ask , how can i join and try the scuba dive in bali with us for a daily dive trip and some non diver will ask for directly to take the scuba dive course in bali while they have their holiday in bali. Our suggestion is when you have your own decision and firm about it already and diving is for you , may be you already googled and find out about scuba diving in bali before your holiday in bali , and you were sure to take the dive course in bali or entry level scuba dive certification, just go with it. We have 3 – 4 days scuba dive course here in bali , start from the video and theory session to pool session and finally the open water session – diving. Or you can take the online scuba dive course before you come to bali , and finished all the segments then we can directly continue to the pool session in bali.

For you who feel confuse to take the scuba dive course in bali and have the short time holiday in bali , you may take the try scuba dive for the first time , or introductory to dive in bali , discover scuba dive bali, we have a daily dive trip basis, start from pick up time in the morning to the beautiful underwater dive site in bali which is suitable for beginner diver in tulamben dive site area, amed dive site area, padang bay dive site area. These Dive sites in bali also the best highlights and the best dive spot with a lots of tropical reef fishes, historical USAT Liberty Shipwreck, Artificial reef in amed bali, all of those are really interesting , and we guarantee that you will love it and after this fun dive trip you will take your scuba dive certification in bali or come back again to take scuba dive course in bali.

For more info about the scuba dive certification and try scuba dive in bali, you can read more and contact us for more package deal 😉 we will see you in Bali.

Fun Dive Trip in Bali

Scuba Dive Course in Bali

you can watch our videos here and choose all the dive site in bali before you come here.

all videos taken and edited by Bali Fun Diving Team of Videographer and Photographer

You Tube channel of Bali Fun Diving

Life is too short , enjoy it while you can !



Trip advisor certificate of excellence 2016 of Bali Diving Service

Bravo! We have been recognized for Superior Service of bali diving service .Many thanks to all of our Loyal Customer , new customer, all bali happy divers , bali scuba course student divers , thank you or everything and anyone who help us to achieve this in every year! looking forward to see you soon, diving in bali always be interesting and satisfied , excited , adventurous dive yet safety with Bali Fun Diving.

trip advisor – review us

Thank you to all of our bali dive professional team, bali divemaster ,bali dive guide , bali dive instructor, all management team in the office also best of the our boat captain!, Hey mates! we have been recognized for superior service n bali diving service, keep up the good work and dream and made everything happened, safety priority for our clients and diver in bali , offer the best service and fast response in all aspects, and improve our bali dive service more and more.

We will keep it up and maintain for the best boutique dive operator in bali  !

See you in Bali diving trip with us  – dive safe buddy !


Manta Ray in Bali – scuba dive with Bali Fun Diving


Photograph by VerlyVeeHuang

Sunny and bright days recently , good weather to dive in bali ,our favourite dive site the most is in Nusa Penida Island, located in the south of Bali.  55 minutes by speed boat to Manta Point – located in the south part of Nusa Penida Island , on the way there , you will see nice formation of cliffs and unique landscape.

The Underwater condition usually always have lots of particle made the visibility not as clear as in the other dive site in Nusa Penida, beside that the Surge is quiet strong sometimes depend on the swell on the surface. Once you descend everything uncomfortable feeling and seasickness sometime during the journey will get pay off after you see this majestic creatures underwater , and yes LIVE SHOW !

It is suitable for beginner scuba diver certified ,  for you to choose which dive site in Bali qualified for beginner divers. Once you descend all the way down , you will be very surprise, the peaceful feeling , graciousness to see this wonderful manta ray ,you can find easily and the chance to see them as always in all year round,  there is 1 big rock as their cleaning station for the small fishes eating their parasite in their body.

In the Mating Season , you can see more than 20 Manta Rays together and they swim around , beautifully and dancing , how nice is the show , make you don’t want to ascend soon. Diving in Bali offers you the most complete coral reefs and pelagic, tropical fishes and many more.

Bali fun diving offers a superior quality diving activities , courses and workshop. From the beginner level , scuba diving course , underwater photography workshop all in one package , with the best instructor team and dive professional, we have more than 13++ years of diving experienced in Bali. Small group and private attention , and we are very passionate about diving and adventure.


Diving is a great sport and an eye-opening experience to the underwater world.

However, it’s still considered an extreme sport, which requires good safety knowledge.

The best insurance is getting certified and obtaining it from a good quality diving course.

Bali Scuba Diving Academy is one of division and partner in Bali fun Diving to focusing on sharing education, training, workshop, internship, with the team of experienced Instructor level and above. We are passionate about diving and adventure,nature. And we are committed to tradition of excellence on every aspect in here. Scuba dive for fun and quality , learn scuba diving course to be a qualified and certified scuba diver and of course in a safe manner.

Bali Fun Diving are prepared with certified and qualified instructors /  dive professional , with a bonus: their friendly and well educated ,passionate ,broadminded with their adventure and nature soul. Our dive professional / instructors have a minimal 5 years experience, guaranteeing educating the best qualifications for your future diving days. All of our dive professional will ensure you also have fun in preparing you to see the exotic underwater panorama with safety and the right techniques. We assure comfort for a concentrated ambiance. We have professionally equipped diving center with air-conditioned classrooms and pool. We organize our students to feel comfortable, when entrusting their diving education to us. We can also arrange classes based on our students request, being available for sessions at your appointed accommodation. Ready to get certified? Best offer: get certified on a safari to Bali dive sites. – Get more 1-on-1 time with your dive instructor – Dive straight into the beautiful underwater of Bali – Have more time at dive sites- Save travel time between dive sites – Save energy for more diving.- Get to know your instructors better along the tripCertification are from world acknowledged dive organizations, which are PADI and SSI.


Best of Underwater Macro Photopgraph dive site , Seraya Secret Tulamben – Bali

Its been long time ago the famous and well known dive site for macro specialized photography, 5 minutes from tulamben. Seraya Secret along the beach of Seraya Village. These wonderful tiny little creatures live underwater, also well camouflaged animals in between the rocks,sandy bottom, even the soft coral lives in the huge area, healthy vulcanic sandy bottom.

Night dive and sunset dive is a must to try to dive in between that time. You have chance to see the different kind of species who come out at these time, and some rare of nocturnal animal.

Satisfaction and the excited feeling after you can see and capture them and their habits sometimes underwater , yes they are wonderful.

You will need a well trained guide and details in their eyes , and mostly experienced for the guide looking for this tiny little creatures.

Some of our divemaster in bali, they love to learn their habit and where this animals live, even knows this animals latin name or species and family name.

Short words you need a experienced macro spotter.

Photograph macro categories is easy to learn , and it is good for beginner who is just starting to learn underwater photograpy. The object most likely to be still and easy for learn how to focusing the object.

Have to be remember as well, even we are trying to photograph, we need to understand they are very fragile animals.

Limited to strobe light (flash) and don’t try to touch or move this cute little tiny objects.

Respect the Sea and their lives in there.

seraya secret – tulamben bali


Double treat underwater landscape and amazing land scene

Land scenes during on the way to tulamben (usat liberty wreck) will complete your dive trip.

Double Treat while you go to the dive site and see this beautiful and amazing scene from your window car, of course you can stop by here and take some photos.

Paddy rice fields , formation of the hill and terace kind of rice field , huge and wide landscape, on the way back  you can see this beautiful scene as well.

Mount Agung is the highest mountain in Bali and it still active. Almost everyday morning you can see the tip of the mount inthe clear bright blue sky.

And a lot of ” local warung” selling fruits along the road.

Let’s book your trip and experience discover scuba program to tulamben

with Bali Fun Diving